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1H2020: Through the Looking Glass

It seems impossible that we’ve reached mid-year in what has been a series of tales like something out of Alice in Wonderland.

Twins were born, weddings took place and the planes stopped. Trade sanctions were imposed, remnants of the bushfire remain and some of us were relieved to have more time at home. Friends lost jobs, industries and businesses struggle to stay afloat, and for whatever reason, some people took offence to the outcry of “Black Lives Matter”.

Love has been lost on some industries too, including my own. We remain short-term thinkers, as our government attempts to herd our students into STEM industries and yet fails to invest in these industries for the same students to have jobs in the future. In amongst it all, we try to see opportunity and light. Not necessarily from a work perspective but from a greater life lens. We have homes. We have meals and loved ones. We are loved.

We are awkwardly sitting through the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party that consists of powerful nations, allies and armies. Yet, we remain grateful and in some strange way, empowered. No longer will work hours dictate our personal lives. While we wait for the skies to open up; while we soothe the inner wolf in us called Wanderlust, we are focussed on life’s smaller joys. The stepping-stones that ultimately form the Big Picture.

Until the Big Picture of the future becomes clearer, we look back and wonder whether we want to return to a world of Rabbits crying out that they’re late for a very important date.